The extraordinary services that we offer include:

  • Debt Advisory: When nothing seems to work. Contact Massive Debt Management and you’ll get the advice that you desire. There are times when people around you would advise you, but nobody would be there to work through every stage, but us! We give free financial advice to our clients no matter how hard the situation seems.
  • Debt Management Plan: This process involves working at a personal level so as to formulate a budget for you that works well according to your situation. The plan is such that you can also make way for savings no matter how small it is. Further, whatever you’ll save would be distributed to your creditors. This way you can achieve the financial stability with time.
  • IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement): This arrangement may be your solution. It involves making affordable and reasonable repayments over a period of time like over 5-6 years and then writing off the remaining amount at the end. Alternatively, you can also pay a lump-sum one-time payment in order to get away with the loan obligation. We help you formulate and get it approved by the creditors.
  • Bankruptcy Advice: Bankruptcy is the last resort when nothing seems to work out. You would be tagged as an insolvent for over years and would become illegible to apply for further loans and advances. Looking at its positive side, bankruptcy is your chance to start off from the beginning. As it is a legal process we’ll help you maneuver through the process in a systematic manner without any mistakes.
  • Credit Report Improvements: Whenever in debt, one thing that gets affected badly are the credit reports. One may not have thought of the consequences but your debt has this side-effect on your further loan applications. We help you advice on how to improve the credit reports and make a difference. The best practices along with the bad ones would be made understood so that you can act accordingly.